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Amud Yomi Night Kollel led by R' Yonah Dick at 8:00PM

Daf Yomi with R' Yosef Koval at 8:00Pm (in Ezras Nashim)

Thursday Night Chumash Shiur with cholent 9:30PM

Shabbos Morning Parsha Thoughts 8:45AM

Halacha Shiur held 30 minutes before Mincha on Summer Shabbosim

Avos Ubanim begins after the clock changes approx 45 minutes after Maariv Motze Shabbos

Sunday Morning Gemara Shiur after 9:15 Shachris

Sunday Halacha Shiur for 7th grade Boys at 8:00pm

Wednesday Night Navi Shiur at 9:15pm

Stay tuned for additional learning opportunities and seasonal shiurim!


Weekly Parsha Shiurim

Parshas Yisro
Parshas Beshalach
Parshas Va'era
Parshas Shemos
Parshas Vayechi
Parshas Vayigash
Parshas Mikeitz (Chanukah)
Parshas Vayeishev
Parshas Vayishlach
Parshas Vayeitzei
Parshas Toldos
Parshas Chayei Sara
Parshas Vayera
Parshas Lech Lcha
Parshas Noach
Parshas Bereishis
Parshas Haazinu
Parshas Vayelech
Parshas Nitavim


Navi Shiurim

Shoftim 19
Shoftim 18
Shoftim 17
Shoftim 16
Shoftim 15
Shoftim 14
Shoftim 13


Daf Yomi

Brachos Daf 19
Brachos Daf 18
Brachos Daf 17
Brachos Daf 12
Brachos Daf 11
Brachos Daf 10
Brachos Daf 9
Brachos Daf 6
Brachos Daf 5
Brachos Daf 4
Brachos Daf 3
Brachos Daf 2


Sat, January 22 2022 20 Shevat 5782