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Shul Monthly Calendar 


Shabbos Mincha/Kabballas Shabbos varies - in the winter approx 10 minutes before shkia in Beachwood, OH - in the summer approximately 7pm. Please check calendar for exact times. 

Shabbos Shachris all year round is 9:15am followed by Kiddush. 

Mincha - Winter is approx. 15 minutes before shkia. Summer at 6pm and approx 20 min. before shkia. Please check calendar for exact times. 

Maariv Motze Shabbos - 50 minutes after shkia


Sunday Shachris - 9:15am 

Monday through Friday (including Rosh Chodesh) - 6:45am

Legal Holidays Shachris at 9:15am

Mincha Maariv is approx. 10 minutes before shkia all year round. 

Sat, January 22 2022 20 Shevat 5782